Events Marketing

Silver Marketing Media (SMM) is an innovative event marketing agency with a history of targeting and engaging consumers, SMM uses expertise in design and quality media production to provide memorable experiences that deliver results. SMM offers digital marketing and advertising in order to effectively reach event audiences online and offline.



We offer many services that can help any brand improve their online and offline marketing efforts. From quality media creation to web design and online marketing, we help businesses and brands to reach audiences online and offline through different kind of events. Our team makes use of traditional and creative marketing strategies in order to create channels that effectively communicate about a product or service experience.


Website Builder

SMM is a website builder that lets you start with a finished website. We can make your new website customize as your desire. SMM has over 10 years experience making website for all kind of business in the United States and Mexico. We would like to offer you a free quote, please contact us for more information about your next website with us, visit our portfolio   (*digitweb is our partner)


Events production and promotion

SMM is advertising and marketing company that specializes in events promotion. We promote music and sports events with creative marketing and advertising and help brands reach the audiences of these events. Our team also promotes and helps brands connect with public, private and city sponsored events.

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Content and media development

Quality content and media creation and development is the most important part of today’s marketing and image strategy. Online and offline content and media should encourage real user interactions and user engagement with suitable use of information design and visual content. Content marketing creates interest and help people to get the most out of the product by effectively communicating about product or service experience.

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Advertising and marketing industry evolution

The advertising industry is continuously shifting towards automated, programmatic advertising. More skills and efforts will be used towards creating personalized experience, creative aspects for engaging and effective advertisement. Mobile marketing opens doors for more engagement, creativity and drives commerce through location based content.

Personalized digital experience will be interest-based and that will change how consumers interact with brands forever; making their relationship more transparent and based on real value. Therefore, businesses and brands will build people’s relationship and image with well-crafted content and media.

Our team commitment with clients is to ensure that their advertizing and marketing efforts reach their audiences and target markets in a effective way. We use a combination of traditional and creative advertisement and marketing channels and techniques. The right channels in addition to quality content and media production make our company a strong partner for our clients in order to accomplish a successful marketing campaign and objectives.